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“Teaching children is an accomplishment; getting children excited about learning is an achievement.”  


– Robert John Meehan

What is Elevated Training Solutions?

Elevated Training Solutions, LLC is a private educational service provider that provides supplemental academic solutions such as online tutoring and support to parents and students in grades K-6.  


Our mission is to provide parents and students with the necessary tools, skills, and on-going support to close learning gaps in mathematics and reading and literacy.  

To ensure we are closing those gaps, we follow a 4-Step Approach

Identify Students' Needs

Develop a Personalized Learning Plan

Actively Engage Students 

Present Concepts & Skills in a Clear, Concise Manner

Our services include online tutoring in the form of academic intervention (remediation), classwork/homework assistance in reading and math for students in grades K-6, parent workshops, and so much more. 


We offer: 

Enrichment Activities

A session that focuses on teaching concepts and skills from previous grade levels in order to fill in and/or close achievement gaps

Group Classes/Sessions

By grade level and/or skills.

Starting: June 21, 2021



A session that focuses on completing classwork and/or homework assignments and making sure that they are turned in for a grade. 



Coming Soon

Parent Workshops

Coming Soon

Writer's Workshop

Coming Soon

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"From the first appointment, I was impressed with the professionalism and services provided for my child. She has been struggling with reading and now she’s beginning to like reading after working with Ms. Roberts only a few sessions. I’m very impressed with her performance and I would recommend her to everyone!"

J. McClary

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